Friday, March 13, 2009

Phelps talks to NBC about marijuana pipe photo

NEW YORK (AP)—Michael Phelps insists he’s more worried about the pain he caused family, friends and fans than losing money in endorsements after he was photographed inhaling from a marijuana pipe.

In excerpts from an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer that aired Friday morning, the swimming star didn’t directly answer the question of whether he was smoking marijuana.

“It was a bad mistake. I mean, we all know what, you know, what you and I are talking about. It’s a stupid mistake. You know, bad judgment.”

USA Swimming suspended the Olympic great for three months after the photo was published in a British tabloid Feb. 1. He also lost his sponsorship from Kellogg.

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1 comment: said...

Michael Phelps is an eceptionaly talented athelete. Phelps smoking a glass pipe should say something negative about the drug laws and not about the man. If you can achieve what Phelps did in the Olympics while high then we should reconsider why we choose to make getting high illegal. Phelps personifies a strong work ethic and a desire to win. Michael earned his wealth unlike the wall street barons and phony politicians. It is our choice to accept the drug war or to rally against it. The war on drugs is a war on the American people, I think this incident is a good example of that idea.