Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just got home...:)

It was a long day for me.. :) uhmm me and my hon2 attended the 21st birthday of our friend.hehe actually, i dont have anything to post.. i just wanted to update my blog, hahai, 2 days from now it'll be jan.5, back 2 job hunting session!haha!. bye bye holiday!.hehe but it's okay cuz i will be getting a new passport,nbi clearance and etc. i am hoping that this 2009 will be a lucky year for me, hope to get a new job so that i can already acquire car loan and buy my own house..hahah char char!!!hehehe,so ill end my post here!hehe have a blessed weekend.. thanks for dropin' by my blog!! Good night and God Bless!- chino


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