Thursday, January 22, 2009

EMO for you!

well according to y.answer:

-Emo is short for "emotional" They wear a lot of black and always seem kind of angry or sad. Also they cut themselves (their wrists).

Yes you should be a bit worried but she might just like black clothing, don't jump to conclusions!
-"Emo" is short for emotional. Teenagers usually use that term to describe kids that are sad ,moody,and complain all the time ,and think that everyone is out to get them. They usually listen to emo bands like Hawthorne Heights with stupid lyrics like " seeing you cry makes me feel like saying sorry
-emo is short for emotional...but some teens have made it into a style and a way of life. Some "Emos" imitate depression in an attempt for attention. Some just like dark stuff. But sometimes, teens who really have a serious problem with depression can be labeled "emo" and made fun of for it since "emos" are supposed to be known for exaggerating life's problems and taking things too seriously as well as being very sensitive

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