Friday, December 12, 2008

Golden Compass Director to Sire Twilight Sequel

There's a new dawn for Twilight.

Days after Catherine Hardwicke was ousted, despite having directed the vampire romance satisfactorily enough to pull in $140 million worth of business from fanggirls and average moviegoers alike, The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz is close to signing on for the blockbuster's sequel.

Following up on some recent Deadline Hollywood scoop, reports that Weitz has been tapped by Summit Entertainment to helm New Moon, based on the second book in Stephanie Meyer' phenomenon-inducing franchise.

"He's the quality-of-life-choice," a source said, perhaps referring to buzz that Hardwicke, while ultra-talented, is rough to work with, while Weitz, who also codirected American Pie and scored an Oscar nod for copenning About a Boy, is known to be a pretty genial chap.

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