Friday, November 21, 2008

Dream becamE Real!

could dis be a dream?
reminded by thoughts i couldnt deem
in every memory ive recalled;
surely you are just a dream being told

the fantasy that i cogitate;
i never thought it isnt too late
no way could a dream simulate reality
eccentricity as i describe this actuality


endlessly your beauty never fades
loving you is all i ever crave..
entwined by your kindness and intellect
oblivion will never come in effect
never will it happen evern i can have a defect
obsess by your personality,
romance pervades my felicity...

gazing at you endlessly
reveals a best love story
a love storya with a happy ending
glamorous story with a loving feeling
all about you is all ive ask for!
swear i just couldnt ask anything for more
i never thought a love like these could ve real
now and forever, i know nicole, love is wat i feel..

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