Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'd rather...

I'd rather not speak when everything you say is not right
I'd rather not do anything when things are not appreciated
I'd rather not expose myself than to be ridiculed
I'd rather sulk and sleep than open my eyes to reality and hurt
I'd rather not disclose when everything's shattered and undone
I'd rather pretend to be another that to show how ugly it is to be me
I'd rather cry throughout my life when tears are the only source of my freedom
I'd rather keep silent and carry my burden than to give others the problem
I'd rather not be contented in order not to stop dreaming
I'd rather not be happy when I know it is a lie
I'd rather be deaf than to hear their words that stab my soul as if I'm in hell
I'd rather not see if it's only contempt that feeds my eyes
I'd rather not feel when it's the reason why I'm experiencing pain
I'd rather not use my brain to think when what it transmits are negative impulses
I'd rather be numb and paralyze my senses until I cease to be human and escape my earthly life of felony

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